Ronna McDaniel on Fox News Sunday

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Breaks Down On Fox As House GOP Erupts Into Flaming Dumpster Fire

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel went on a rant about Arizona and how Republicans can’t work together on Fox News.


McDaniel was asked if Republicans can effectively govern if they aren’t on the same page. McDaniel answered no and claimed that Republicans are so hateful to each other that other Republicans won’t vote for them. She added, “As long as we are fighting each other, we are not keeping our eye on the prize.”

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She threw a bunch of lies in about Democrats and said that Republicans are giving Democrats exactly what they want to see.

McDaniel never mentioned that she has been in charge of the RNC during all of this infighting and chaos.

She also never mentioned the real reason why the Republican Party is divided. McDaniel talked about Republicans fighting other Republicans but she said nothing about Donald Trump, who is the person responsible for the division.

The situation playing out on the House floor is a byproduct of Trump, who continues to attack his Republican enemies from his Florida club.

Donald Trump is the reason why Republicans can’t elect a speaker. When Republicans started placing loyalty to Trump over a unified agenda, the party become driven by selfishness.

The Republican chaos on the House floor is a sign of a weak and fragmented party that gerrymandered its way into a small House majority, and in its current state will continue to lose elections.

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