George Santos Could Be Toast As Records Reveal He Lied About Being A Criminal

New records reveal that George Santos lied to voters and the American people when he claimed he was not a criminal.

CNN reported, “Republican Rep.-elect George Santos admitted to stealing a man’s checkbook that was in his mother’s possession to purchase clothing and shoes in 2008, according to documents obtained by CNN. The admission came in a statement Santos gave to police in 2010, according to 150 pages worth of case documents.”

DCCC Spokesperson DCCC Spokesperson Nebeyatt Betre said in response to the report, “George Santos is a liar, fraud, and cheat who’s proven he can’t even issue an apology without spewing more lies. New Yorkers can’t trust a single thing he says. He’s an embarrassment to Long Island and is completely undeserving of being a member of Congress.”

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Democrats are already targeting George Santos’s seat to flip. However, Santos might not make it to the next election as a member of the House. When Santos tries to explain himself, he tells more lies.

House Republicans can’t elect a speaker much less afford to lose 25% of their current majority. If Santos gets criminally charged in Brazil, it is safe to expect Republicans to ignore the charges.

The real problem will arrive for House Republicans if US prosecutors find that he committed crimes.

Whether it happens in 2023 or 2024, it looks like George Santos’s stay in the House could be short.