Steve Bannon Throws Trump Gasoline On House GOP Dumpster Fire

House Republicans say that Steve Bannon is lobbying them to elect Donald Trump to be Speaker of the House.

Robert Costa of CBS News tweeted:

If you were thinking, how could this out-of-control House Republican dumpster fire get even worse?

The answer is that Steve Bannon could get involved and try to get Trump named the Speaker of the House.

Trump doesn’t want to be the Speaker of the House because the Speaker is subject to strict laws and disclosure rules. Being Speaker would also require that Trump do actual work, and if there is one thing that America learned from watching four years of one of history’s laziest presidents, it is that Donald Trump does not do work.

There is one more House speaker vote coming up, which Kevin McCarthy will lose, and then Republicans will try to adjourn the House until at least tomorrow.

Steve Bannon is drawn to chaos like a bug to light.

Trump has zero chance of being elected Speaker. Bannon is pushing this idea because he knows where his bread is buttered, and he desperately needs something to distract people from the fact that he will be going to jail soon.