Chuck Schumer is fine with people protesting SCOTUS justices

Chuck Schumer Tells House Republicans Their Anti-Abortion Bills Are Doomed

As House Republicans get set to vote on two anti-abortion bills, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told them that their bills are doomed in the Senate.

House Republicans will try to pass bills condemning attacks on pro-life providers, facilities, and churches, and legislation requiring doctors to provide care to fetuses that survive an abortion.

Majority Leader Schumer responded to these bills in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

These bills are doomed in the Senate. American women deserve to have their right to healthcare protected, not undermined.

Just months after a historically disappointing midterm election, the MAGA Republican controlled House is putting on full display their truly extreme views on women’s health with legislation that does not have the support of the American people. Once again, Republicans are proving how dangerously out of touch they are with mainstream America. The American people elected Senate Democrats to be a firewall against this extreme anti-choice MAGA Republican agenda.

House Republicans are going to pass a lot of meaningless legislation that will only serve to reveal how out of step they are with the majority of the country.

Imagine if Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker would have been elected to the Senate. The Republican Senate majority would right now be seriously considering and possibly passing this extremist House legislation.

President Biden’s veto pen would be the only stopping Republicans from stripping rights away from a majority of Americans.

Thanks to voters keeping the Senate in Democratic hands, this scenario will not happen over the next two years.

House Republican extremism is boxed in as Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats will reject their radical and reviled agenda.

Jason Easley
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