A Proud Boy Got Stabbed In The Face In A Prison Fight Over Tucker Carlson

A Proud Boy got stabbed in the nose in a prison fight that broke out while inmates were watching Tucker Carlson.

Ryan J. Reilly tweeted:

The fact that Tucker Carlson has a big prison audience would explain his high ratings. Then again, the ratings might not include literally captive audiences.

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It is not surprising that Carlson would be at the center of violence. He does have a track record with his rhetoric before and after the 1/6 attack. It would be a good idea for the prison system at all levels to refrain from allowing inmates to watch inflammatory and divisive programming like Fox News.

Tucker Carlson’s name keeps popping up in all areas related to the 1/6 attack. What is unknown is what the prison fight was about. Were they discussing the fashion choice of any male over the age of 11 wearing a bow tie? Did Carlson inspire some deep philosophical conversation that spilled into violence, or did somebody in the TV room want to watch something different than the whiny TV dinner guy?

Fox News apparently has a large audience in the prison system, and they are willing to fight to defend Tucker Carlson.