Trump Appears To Admit To Inciting Political Violence

While trying to blame the media for political violence, Trump appeared to admit that his lies about stolen elections lead to violence.

Trump posted on Truth Social, “So with the FBI being caught red handed in Twitter Files, totally influencing the Election, on top of all of the other fraud and irregularities, the Fake News Media is finding it harder and harder to use the term “Big Lie” anymore. It actually angers people to do very bad things. The Radical Left should be careful in its use of that ridiculous term. The Election was Rigged and Stollen, the Unselect Committee of political Hacks and Thugs refused to discuss it, and so it goes. People want answers.”

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Trump’s claim that labeling his lie as the Big Lie and not the lie itself is the cause of violence is his latest effort to massage and redefine his words to create distance and deniability. Trump claims that the use of the term big lie is the problem, but then he immediately repeats the lie that the election was stolen.

By admitting that the Big Lie incites violence, while not admitting what the Big Lie actually is, Trump it seems is admitting to his rhetoric inciting violence.

The Capitol was attacked on 1/6 because of Donald Trump’s lies. The New Mexico shooter was incited by Trump’s lies about election integrity. Trump’s supporters aren’t acting out because of a term that the press uses, but because they believe the lies of Donald Trump.

Whether he meant to admit it or not, Trump is connecting himself to political violence.

Jason Easley
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