Fulton County DA Fani Willis Hints At Bad News Coming For Trump And His Pals

Fulton County DA Fani Willis argued that the special grand jury report should not be released to the public because decisions on criminal charges are imminent.

Video clip of Willis:

Willis said while arguing in court against the release of the special grand jury report, “We think for future defendants to be treated fairly, it’s not appropriate at this time to have this report released. I as the elected district attorney have made several commitments to the public understanding the public interests around this case. At this time in the interest of justice and the rights of not the state but others, we are asking that the report not be released becayou haven’t seen that report. Decisions are imminent.”

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If there were going to be no criminal charges filed, the report could be released to the public. The fact that Willis is talking about future defendants, not potential future defendants is a big hint toward where this is going.

People are likely going to be indicted and face criminal charges for violating Georgia election law. The release of the special grand jury report could make it difficult for defendants to get a fair trial. The report and news coverage of the investigative jury’s findings could prejudice a jury against defendants.

Criminal charges could be coming soon, and it isn’t easy to imagine how Trump, who was taped violating the state’s election law, will not be one of those who get charged.