Prosecutors Pay Attention: Stormy Daniels Thanks Trump For Publicly Confirming Her Story

Manhattan prosecutors are likely to notice that Stormy Daniels has publicly thanked Trump for posting confirmation of her story about the illegal hush money payments.

Daniels tweeted:

As the Manhattan District Attorney is presenting evidence in front of a criminal grand jury about hush money payments, Donald Trump was on his social media platform confirming that the story is true.

Trump is trying to claim that the whole illegal plot was Michael Cohen’s fault, and the use of the statement advice of counsel is a signal that he is going to be trying to throw lawyers under the bus.

Donald Trump always thinks he is his best PR person and legal counsel, but every time he makes a public statement, he digs the hole deeper. Trump is also his own worst enemy because if there were ever a time to shut up and not confirm the story of the person who received the illegal payment, it would be when the district attorney is presenting evidence to a grand jury and weighing an indictment.

When people suggest that Trump is the same, or nothing has changed, that does not appear to be accurate. Trump’s impulses seem to have grown worse.

Donald Trump thinks that he is defending himself, but he could be sowing the seeds for his conviction.

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