Hunter Biden Rips The Heart Out Of The GOP Laptop Scandal

Hunter Biden’s legal team is going straight for the heart of the GOP’s laptop scandal by calling for investigations into the computer repair shop owner, Rudy Giuliani, and others involved with the potentially illegally tampered with device.

CBS News reported:

Hunter Biden’s legal team went on the offensive Wednesday, demanding state and federal investigations into the dissemination of his personal material — purported to be from his laptop — and threatening a defamation lawsuit against Fox News’ Tucker Carlson for allegedly failing to correct false statements.

Attorneys for Hunter Biden called for Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings and U.S. Assistant Attorney General for National Security Matthew G. Olsen to launch investigations into the actions of former computer repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac, former Trump advisers Rudy Giuliani and Stephen Bannon, their attorney Robert Costello and others “for whom there is considerable reason to believe violated various Delaware laws in accessing, copying, manipulating, and/or disseminating Mr. Biden’s personal computer data.”

There have been concerns for years among intelligence officials and other experts that Hunter Biden’s laptop was manipulated. There is evidence that multiple people accessed it and that files were added to it after it left Mr. Biden’s possession.

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Republicans consider Hunter Biden’s laptop evidence, but the chain of custody is far from clean, and the ‘evidence’ that House Republicans are counting on to use to smear President Biden through his son appears to be contaminated.

House Republicans have centered their strategy for the next two years around investigating Hunter Biden, and his laptop is key to their plan.

If it is proven that the laptop was manipulated, the entire Hunter Biden scandal crumbles. The theft of Ashley Biden’s diary has led to the criminal convictions of Trump supporters. The precedent is there for the Hunter Biden scandal to backfire and result in Republicans getting criminally charged.

The laptop is the heart of the scandal, and it is also the Achilles heel that could doom the GOP.