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More GOP Lies As Former George Santos Staffer Says He Was Stripped Of Committee Assignments

The House Republican story that George Santos stepped down from his committee assignments was a lie according to former staffer Derek Myers.

Talking Points Memo reported:

“Basically the speaker told him, look, you’ve gotta be more like a statesman,” Myers recalled.

During that conversation, Myers said McCarthy stripped Santos of his committee posts. That contradicts the narrative from Santos, who has suggested he chose to step aside without pressure from Republican leadership.

“He feels terrible about lying, he feels terrible that he got caught,” Myers said of Santos.

The leaked audio provided by Myers reveals the inexperience, chaos, and lack of professionalism from Santos and his office. If Myers is correct, the House Republican caucus is lying and trying to cover up for Santos. House Republicans are trying to bury Santos and make him go away.

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They thought it would be much less controversial if they could say that Santos voluntarily stepped down from his committee assignments than McCarthy acknowledging that Santos is a problem and trying to get rid of him.

George Santos wasn’t voluntarily stepping down from his committee assignments. Kevin McCarthy booted him out. House Republicans need Rep. Santos’s vote, so they will try to hide him and hope it all blows over.

The entire House Republican caucus is now stained with the George Santos lie.

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