A Chinese spy balloon flies over the US.

Republicans Are Trying To Get Americans Killed By Calling For Shootdown Of Chinese Spy Balloon

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 02:01 pm

The Pentagon is warning that shooting down the Chinese spy balloon could endanger the lives of Americans with falling debris, but that hasn’t stopped Republicans from calling for it to be shot down.

Here is just a sample of the Republicans who would like to kill some Americans with falling debris:

(Mike Pence isn’t very up on current events. Sec. of State Blinken’s trip to China was already canceled before he tweeted.)

(Trump is an expert on killing Americans. He wiped out nearly a million of us during COVID.).

(Marsha Blackburn doesn’t understand why Biden is so reluctant to jeopardize innocent American lives.)

It turns out that President Biden immediately considered shooting down the Chinese spy balloon, but there was a reason why he decided against it right now.

CBS News reported:
A source familiar with the situation told CBS News that, when briefed on Wednesday, Mr. Biden had initially wanted to shoot down the balloon. But as he sought military options from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Milley and others, they advised against such action because of the risk to people on the ground.

The administration was still deciding Friday what to do about the balloon when it reaches an area where it would be safe to shoot down, a U.S. official told CBS News.

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The balloon is not small. It is three buses long, so shooting it down in an area with any population would put lives at risk. The balloon also does not contain any more intelligence-gathering capability than China already has with satellites, so it is not an immediate threat to national security or the American people.

Republicans want to shoot down the balloon as a political gesture, and they don’t care if people die.

The bigger threat to human life isn’t the Chinese balloon, but the Republicans who want to shoot it down right now.

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