Biden Gives Thumbs Up Then US Shoots Down Chinese Spy Balloon

When he was asked by reporters if the US is going to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon, President Biden smiled, gave a thumbs up and said, ‘We’re going to take care of it,’ and they did.

Video of Biden:

The FAA has issued a ground stop for three airports in the Carolinas until 3:30 PM ET, as it looked like the US military is preparing to shoot the balloon down as soon as falling debris no longer poses a threat to life or property.

The US shot down the balloon:

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Republicans have been calling for the balloon to be immediately shot down even though defense experts said that doing so could put hundreds of American lives at risk because the balloon is three school buses long.

Donald Trump Jr. blamed Hunter Biden and his laptop for the Chinese spy balloon.

Just like the balloon, the Republicans hopes of a massive scandal have been deflated by the smart and safe actions of the Democratic president.