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It Doesn’t Look Like President Biden Will Face A Serious Primary Challenge In 2024

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 02:01 pm

The word coming out of the DNC winter meeting is that President Biden has the 2024 nomination locked up as Democrats and progressives are happy with him.

NBC News reported:

There was no sign of younger Democratic aspirants making behind-the-scenes moves to challenge Biden, nor much evidence of the kind of ideological strife that has cleaved the party so often in recent years.

We feel very very confident in what President Biden is doing, and we’re going to support his re-election fully,” said Judith Whitmer, a member of Democratic Socialists of America and former Sanders delegate who won an upset election a few years ago to be chair of the Nevada Democratic Party.

Even DNC members who did not support Biden in the 2020 primary used terms like “wired,” “locked” and “sewn up” to describe the White House’s hold over the party, which is now using to dictate how the 2024 primary will shape up and where its next national convention will be held.

The biggest concern that some Democrats have about President Biden has nothing to do with his job performance, but his age. Biden has shown no signs of having any inability to do the job as president. With Donald Trump potentially being the Republican nominee, there should be less concern about Biden’s age in a general election.

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If the Republican nominee is Ron DeSantis, he is much younger than Biden, but DeSantis is also not a very charismatic or magnetic presence. Even with powerful Republicans lining up against Trump, it is difficult to see DeSantis running away with the GOP nomination.

There is no reason for Democrats to go in a different direction in 2024. Biden could find himself in an excellent position to win reelection in 2024.

Democrats should be happy with Biden, and it makes sense that he has the 2024 nomination locked up.

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