Trump didn't even know about Chinese spy balloons over the US

Biden Offers To Brief Trump Officials On Their 3 Chinese Spy Balloon Screw Ups

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 02:01 pm

The Biden administration has offered to brief former Trump administration officials on the three Chinese spy balloon flights over the U.S. they claim not to know about.

Politico reported:

Biden administration is willing to brief former Trump officials on newly discovered intelligence that China sent spy balloons into U.S. airspace during their time in charge.

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“This information was discovered after the prior administration left. The intelligence community is prepared to offer key officials from the Trump administration briefings on [China’s] surveillance program,” one of the officials said. The official, along with several others, asked not to be named in order to discuss sensitive information.

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Trump is claiming that the three Chinese spy balloon flights never happened during his presidency, but the fact that they did. The entire Trump administration was so clueless that they never knew about them is a damning revelation for both Trump and the Republicans in Congress who were hoping to create a Chinese spy balloon scandal to use against Biden.

As Sarah Jones wrote the claim that Trump didn’t know about the flights is not the get-out-of-jail-free card that some Republicans hope it will be.

Biden’s administration knew about the Chinese spying and did something about it. The Trump administration didn’t know about it and therefore allowed the penetration of U.S. airspace to go unchallenged.

Trump officials should take the Biden White House up on their offer, and learn how badly they bungled the Chinese spy balloon problem.


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