Lauren Boebert Tells Church To Pray For Biden’s Death

The congregation laughed and cheered as Rep. Lauren Boebert told them to pray for Joe Biden’s death, and that his days be short.


Boebert said, “We pray for our president. Let his days be few and another take his office. That’s why I filed the articles of impeachment for Joe Biden. Unfortunately, he does have a really good insurance policy named Kamala Harris.”

The psalm Boebert was referring to:

Conservative churches have become a hotbed of illegal political activity. Churches enjoy tax-exempt status on the condition that they stay out of partisan political activity. It doesn’t get any more partisan than a Republican member of the House addressing a congregation and telling them to pray for the demise of the President Of The United States.

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If some churches wish to be active in partisan politics, they should be able to do provided that they are stripped of their tax-exempt status. Unfortunately, thanks to the conservative majority on the Supreme Court, the situation is likely to move in the opposite direction of churches being granted more power to be overtly partisan.

This sort of behavior from Boebert and right-wing evangelicals should not be tolerated. The Republican Party and its base have sunk to this low point. The right-wing evangelicals who have and continue to support Trump long ago revealed that their faith was an act of fraud. If right-wing evangelical churches continue to insist on defrauding US taxpayers by hiding behind a religious exemption, they should be forced to pay their fair share.