Big Government House Republicans Look To Impose Chocolate Milk Mandate

Now that their gas stoves are safe, Republicans want a national law forcing schools to provide kids with chocolate milk.

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is leading the charge to protect chocolate milk:

Stefanik has even proposed legislation to mandate that all schools be forced to offer chocolate milk to students:

These are the issues that House Republican leadership is preoccupied with. They don’t care that Donald Trump allowed the Chinese to spy from the sky at will against the United States. Stefanik was one of George Santos’s biggest backers, but she has gone silent and has nothing to say about his ever-growing legal issues.

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None of that matters, because what is really important is whether America’s kids can have chocolate milk.

Nearly 20% of American children are obese. Nearly 42% of US adults are obese.

If Republicans were truly a party of limited government and individual freedom, they would allow schools, school boards, and local communities to decide if they want to provide chocolate milk to students.

A big government mandate forcing schools to provide chocolate milk to kids is not conservative at all.

The current House majority doesn’t want to talk about or deal with the real issues and problems facing the country. Instead, they would rather constantly try to scare their voters about liberals coming to take things away from them.

The problem is that the objects under threat keep getting sillier and more inconsequential. The GOP is a party that is only interested in motivating through fear.

The nation needs real solutions to its problems, but a top House Republican is worried about chocolate milk.