Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims Biden Got The Disrespect He Deserves At SOTU

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed that Biden got what he deserved when she disrespected him.


CNN’s Manu Raju asked Greene about Kevin McCarthy’s belief that House Republicans took the bait from President Biden.

Rep. Greene answered, “I did not take any bait. I am a representative of the people, that is what I did last night. I got so many messages from people in my district and people across the country, it was like I won my election again. People are pissed off, and for the President Of The United States to come into the people’s house and lie about the economy, the border and act like he is terrified of China and unwilling to talk about the fact that they spied on us last night. He got what he deserved, and I’m not sorry one bit. Speaker Mccarthy is not upset with us for expressing our views and allowing the president to lie. What will I do? Golf claps? I do not clap for liars.”

Was anyone expecting a different answer from one of the nation’s top supporters of 1/6 domestic terrorists?

In reality, it has been proven that President Biden didn’t lie. He told the truth about the border, China, and Republican plans to cut Medicare and Social Security. If you watch the video, you can see McCarthy’s expression change once Biden said, ‘so we all agree? Social Security and Medicare are off the books?’

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McCarthy knew that Biden got his caucus and that they fell into a trap.

Marjorie Taylor Greene was expressing blind, irrational hatred for the current President Of The United States.

No president deserves the level of disrespect that Greene demonstrated and just because her fringe right domestic terrorist pals approve does not mean that it is a way for a member of Congress to conduct themselves at the State Of The Union.

Marjorie Taylor Greene can’t stop demonstrating how much she hates those who protect the nation’s democratic institutions.