Republicans In Disarray As Mitch McConnell Knifes Rick Scott

The bad blood between Mitch McConnell and Rick Scott erupted after McConnell said that Scott might not be able to win reelection in Florida due to his desire to kill Social Security.

McConnell went off during an interview with a Kentucky radio station:

Scott’s communications guy responded:

Rick Scott does have a plan to kill Social Security and Medicare. McConnell has been fighting with Scott about the plan for a year.

After Republicans lost their chance to take control of the Senate, Scott got some bad advice from Donald Trump and challenged Mitch McConnell for Senate minority leader. McConnell crushed Scott.

McConnell keeps going out of his way to clarify that cutting Social Security is Scott’s plan, not that of the Republican Party.

While the political world is focused on Kevin McCarthy’s three-ring dumpster fire circus in the House, there are also problems on the GOP side of the aisle in the Senate.

The Republican Party is in complete chaos. Donald Trump is escalating his attacks on Ron DeSantis, the House is out of control, and Mitch McConnell and Rick Scott have an ongoing feud in the Senate that is escalating to reveal a party cracking at the seams.

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