Mike Pence won't tell Americans to wear a mask

The FBI Searching Mike Pence’s House For More Classified Docs

The FBI is at former vice president Mike Pence’s home, and they are searching for more classified documents.

Politico reported, “The FBI arrived at former Vice President Mike Pence’s home Friday morning for a consensual search for classified material, according to a police officer who is currently blocking traffic on the street of the suburban Indianapolis home.”

Mike Pence sold his soul to Donald Trump to be vice president, and the result is that Trump tried to have a mob of insurrectionists kill him 1/6, a subpoena from the special counsel investigating the attack, and now the FBI is at his house.

Anyone who associates with Trump always seems to end contaminated and interesting to law enforcement. Pence thought that serving as Trump’s VP would be his ticket to the Oval Office, but Trump scapegoated his vice president for not overturning his 2020 election loss, and sent an armed mob after him.

In exchange for serving as Trump’s vice president, Mike Pence has a political career that is over. Pence is polling at around 1% for a potential 2024 run at the Republican presidential nomination.

Trump has destroyed Pence’s standing within the Republican Party, and because Trump just had to steal boxes of classified documents when he left office, the FBI is at Mike Pence’s house after his lawyer found a dozen documents within in his papers that were marked classified.

Mike Pence is getting what he deserves for bowing his knee in service to Donald Trump.

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