Sen. Mike Rounds talks about Social Security on CNN State Of The Union.

Senate Republican Admits They Are Coming For Social Security

Sen. Mike Rounds (R-SD) admitted that Republicans only want to fund Social Security year to year which would open the door to killing the program.


Rounds said on CNN State Of The Union:

I kind of look at security the way I would at the Department of Defense and our defense spending. We’re never going to not fund defense.

But, at the same time, we — every single year, we look at how we can make it better. And I think it’s about time that we start talking about Social Security and making it better. We have got 11 years before we actually see cuts start to happen to people that are on Social Security. And I think it’d be very responsible for us to do everything we can to make those funding programs now and the plans right now, so that we don’t run out of money in Social Security and that it continues to provide all the benefits that it does today.

Simply looking away from it and pretending like there’s no problems with Social Security is not an appropriate or responsible thing to do. So, I guess my preference would be, let’s start managing it.

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Republicans protested that they don’t want to cut Social Security during and after the State Of The Union, but they keep admitting that they are looking for a way to defund or kill Social Security.

Technically, what Rounds was suggested wasn’t cuts themselves, but the first step to cuts. If Republicans ever get the Senate majority back, they want to make funding Social Security a regular program that must be voted on.

Guess what happens after Senate Republicans decide not to fund Social Security?

The program will either be cut or die.

Republicans want kill Social Security through privatization and cuts, and they are telling anybody who listen that the goal is to harm the beloved program.

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