DA Willis says Lindsey Graham will be brought in to testify

Fulton County Is About To Become The Epicenter Of Trump’s Legal Concerns

After a judge ruled that parts of the special grand jury investigation into Trump potentially violating Georgia’s election meddling laws will be released on Thursday, attention will turn to Fulton County.

Politico reported:
In an order released Monday morning responding to requests from media organizations for access to the special grand jury’s report, McBurney said he intends to put the introduction and conclusion to the summation on the public record this week, along with a portion of the report discussion about potential false statements made to the grand jury under oath.

McBurney ruled that aspects of the report that recommend whether to indict — or not indict — specific individuals should remain private for now in part because those individuals are not afforded the same due process rights during the grand jury process they would have in court if they’re charged.

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Thursday will provide insight into what the select grand jury found in their investigation. There are a lot of Americans who want Trump indicted immediately, but this case has several Trump enablers like Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman who could also be criminally charged.

If Trwon’tnd only Trump is indicted in any of the cases, it might have the opposite impact that many are hoping for. It is important for the people who carried the plan to overturn the election to face charges. Republicans won’t be able to claim that Donald Trump is a singular bad apple who attacked democracy.

The best to preserve democracy is for all of those who were involved in the criminal plot to face charges. DA Fani Willis will decide if anyone gets indicted, but the report will bring the nation’s attention back to Fulton County, Georgia.

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