Biden And Schumer Are Getting More New Judges On The Bench Than McConnell And Trump

President Biden will get his 100th judge confirmed by the Senate, which is more judges than McConnell and Trump added to the bench at this point in Trump’s term.

NBC News reported:

Gina Méndez-Miró a district court judge in Puerto Rico; the nomination passed a key test vote that indicates she has the necessary support to be confirmed and will become Biden’s 100th confirmed judge.


Biden and Democrats are outpacing former President Donald Trump and the Republican-led Senate — at this juncture, Trump had secured 85 judges. He left office with a staggering 234 new judges.

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Schumer and Biden will have a chance to negate much of the damage that Trump and McConnell did to the judicial branch by appointing more judges to the bench. At their current pace, the Democrats will come close to catching Trump’s term in office for the most judges put on the bench in four years.

The difference is that so far Trump has gotten to nominate two more Supreme Court justices than Biden, but the current president is in much better position to win a second term than Trump was.

Biden and Schumer’s record on judges deserves more attention, because judicial confirmations impact a country for longer than any president serves in office.

The Biden presidency is already loaded with accomplishments, but his diversification of the courts will help to reshape the country for decades to come.

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