Mitch McConnell Is Worried That Rick Scott Could Cost Republicans The 2024 Election

Mitch McConnell is trying to defuse Rick Scott’s cut Social Security timebomb because he thinks it will cost the GOP the 2024 election.

Via: The New York Times:

At the White House, Mr. Biden’s top aides could not believe their luck. They scoured the document, assuming there would be an asterisk or some sort of escape hatch for Mr. Scott exempting popular programs like Medicare and Social Security. They found none.

Allies of Mr. McConnell say one of the main reasons for his aggressive pushback to Mr. Scott in recent days is that he saw how Democrats benefited from political attacks tied to the Social Security proposal in states such as Pennsylvania and Nevada, which Senate Republicans had high hopes of winning last year but ultimately lost.

They say Mr. McConnell wants to make sure that Mr. Scott’s plan is thoroughly discredited before 2024.

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Rick Scott’s let’s run on killing Social Security plan didn’t help Republicans in 2022, but the reason why they lost their chance at taking back the Senate was that they allowed Donald Trump to pick the Republican candidates in states like Pennsylvania.

Scott’s plan is the gift that keeps on giving to Democrats, and there is zero chance that Senate Majority Leader Schumer is going to allow the Senate to hold a vote that would let Republicans reaffirm their support for Social Security.

Mitch McConnell’s biggest problem is that Republicans like former vice president Mike Pence won’t shut up about how willing theiy are to privatize Social Security.

McConnell knows that the change/kill Social Security crowd is going to hurt them in 2024, but he can’t stop his own party from blurting out how much they want to get rid of Social Security.