Marjorie Taylor Greene Says One Of The Most Racist Things You May Ever Hear

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was trying to say that she is not racist, but she ended up sounding really racist.


Greene said, “Anybody’s unemployment has to do with bad choices and personal responsibility, and again that has nothing to do with skin color. I know a ton of white people who are as lazy and sorry and probably worse than black people I know, and I would not hire them because they’re lazy. They’re sorry, and they’re pathetic, and that has everything to do with their bad choices.”

The phrase probably worse than black people shows the inherent racism in Greene’s beliefs. She assumes that black people are lazy and sorry and that there must be something really wrong with a white person who is even lazier and sorrier than a black person.

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Unemployment is not caused by bad choices. If the biggest employer in town closes up, it is not the fault of the employees who lost their jobs. Greene’s comments are not unique in their racism and the belief that the unemployed are responsible for their own unemployment.

Neither of her points were true. The unemployed aren’t lazy, and in most cases, they aren’t to blame for not having a job.

The United States has a long history of blaming and demonizing the poor. Marjorie Taylor Greene perpetuated this attack while also adding a side dish of racism to the toxic mix.