Adam Schiff And Katie Porter Are Virtually Tied In CA Senate Poll

In the race for California’s open Senate seat, Rep. Adam Schiff holds a narrow 22%-20% lead over Rep. Katie Porter, which is a virtual tie.

The LA Times/ UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies Poll found:

Schiff has the support of 22%, with 20% backing Porter, 6% for Lee and 4% for Khanna, the poll found.


Respondents 65 and older favor him (Schiff) over Porter, 42% to 17%. He has a smaller, but still significant, lead among voters between the ages of 50 and 64, 27% to 19%.

She’s (Porter) popular among voters younger than 40, with about 20% of them saying they support her compared with 8% for Schiff.

25% of the vote will come from Los Angeles County where the two candidates are tied. Schiff and Porter both have national profiles, but 39% of California voters don’t know them.

No high-profile Republican candidate has entered the race or even talked about entering the contest.

The Senate election is really a win-win for California voters. If the general election ends up being contested between Reps. Schiff and Porter, the state is going to get a really good senator either way.

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Adam Schiff is the party establishment’s favorite. Katie Porter is a progressive favorite, but it isn’t as if the policy differences between the two candidates are that stark. Schiff has plenty of progressive qualities, and the party establishment would have no problem getting behind Porter if she was elected.

It is a fascinating election, and it will likely be one of the only Senate elections where two nationally known figures will be vying for a Senate seat.

The contest could be very close, but no matter who wins in November 2024, a strong voice for the Democratic agenda will be joining the Senate.