Jim Jordan speaks at a border hearing in Yuma, AZ.

Border Stunt Backfires As Jim Jordan Humiliates Himself

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:36 pm

Rep. Jim Jordan ran a sham hearing full of conspiracy theories and zero government officials or experts in Yuma, Arizona.

Video of Jordan:

Anytime that a person has to start off a hearing by claiming, ‘this is not a political stunt,’ it’s not a good sign.

Before the hearing, House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jerrold Nadler and Immigration Integrity Security and Enforcement Subcommittee Ranking Member Pramila Jayapal said in a joint statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

Judiciary Republicans will hold their second stunt hearing on border security. Despite the importance of this issue, there was no consultation with Judiciary Democrats, many of whom have already committed attending other bipartisan congressional delegation trips.

Instead of focusing on real solutions to a complicated problem, Judiciary Republicans will once again not hear from any federal government witnesses at their hearing, further cementing this hearing as a brazen act of political grandstanding. As a result, Democrats, who have been to the border regularly the last few years, will not attend next week’s performative hearing. Additionally, Judiciary Democrats will conduct their own trip to the border next month where we will hear from the community and government officials on the ground.

Jordan and other House Republicans tried to claim that Democrats boycotted the hearing, but the truth was Republicans scheduled the hearing for when Democrats could not attend.

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The point was never to have Democrats at the hearing, but to use the pretext of a hearing to host Republicans, conspiracy theorists, and anti-immigration zealots.

Brad Woodhouse of the Congressional Integrity Project described the hearing as, “Nothing more than an unadulterated political stunt conducted by MAGA leader and Trump loyalist Jim Jordan – a person who months ago admitted that his investigations were being conducted solely for the purpose of re-electing Trump. It was so hyper-partisan that Judiciary Committee Democrats refused to lend it legitimacy by attending. Full of typical and untrue attacks and absent any comprehensive solutions to immigration or the border, this taxpayer-funded trip was clearly only about soundbites and attacks on President Biden and Democrats rather than actually fixing the border and our immigration system.

Under Republican control, the House is no longer conducting congressional oversight. It staging a MAGA community theater road show.

Jim Jordan is in way over his head as the chair of the Judiciary Committee, and it is stunning that the Never Kevin group of House Republicans wanted the Ohio congressman to be the Speaker of the House.

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