Christina Bobb talks a potential Trump indictment in Georgia.

It Sure Seems Like Trump’s Lawyer Thinks He Is Going To Get Indicted

Trump’s lawyer Christina Bobb argued that Trump shouldn’t be criminally charged in Georgia because of the comments of the Special Grand Jury foreperson. In essence, Bobb was trying to head off criminal charges.


Bobb said that the foreperson has “Completely tainted the jury pool because now you have an entire jury pool of people who believe that there is some crime that President Trump has committed or his allies have committed, but nobody knows what it is. So they’re trying to get ahead of the game here and trying to taint the jury pool, trying to lead the public to believe that there’s a crime here without providing them an opportunity to defend themselves…It should mean there are no charges. The jury pool has been tainted. Any defendant, whether it is President Trump or his allies, all of them have had their constitutional rights violated by this media tour, by the district attorney allowing this craziness.”

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Everything that Trump’s lawyer stated above was wrong. The judge that oversaw the special grand jury said that the foreperson didn’t break the rules with her comments.  The special grand jury has nothing to do with indictments. They are an investigative body that makes recommendations.

DA Fani Willis will convene a second grand jury to vote on potential indictments. The special grand jury foreperson never mentioned Trump by name or any of his allies, so a possible future jury pool could not be tainted.

There is no reason for Trump’s lawyer to make this argument unless they think he is going to be indicted.

If the phone calls were as perfect as Trump claims, there would be no worries about an indictment. It is not the DA who is trying to get out ahead of the case, it’s Trump.

By launching a preemptive defense, Trump and his legal team are admitting that they think he is going to get indicted.


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