Ted Cruz Is Humiliating Himself At Merrick Garland Hearing

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is embarrassing himself at a hearing featuring Merrick Garland by spinning conspiracy theories and getting obvious facts wrong.

Ted Cruz spent a lot of time screaming at Garland for not throwing people who protested against conservative Supreme Court justices in jail:

Cruz claimed that Garland isn’t enforcing the law when people on the left ‘threaten’ conservative Supreme Court justices. Garland told Cruz that he took the unprecedented step of sending US Marshalls to the homes of all Supreme Court justices to provide personal protection.

This fact made Cruz hysterical. The Texas senator gave a performance that will land him on Fox News primetime tonight, but Cruz wanted to seal the deal, so his next round of questions took it to the next level.

Video of Cruz trying again:

Cruz launched into his conspiracy theory that the DOJ will indict Hunter Biden as a cover for their real motivation, which is to indict Donald Trump. Sen. Cruz then tried to claim that the picture of classified documents recovered at Mar-a-Lago was a leak. Attorney General Garland corrected him and told him the picture was evidence from a submitted court filing.

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Sen. Cruz persisted with his conspiracy theory that the DOJ has been politicized and they are secretly out to get Donald Trump.

It wasn’t a coincidence that Cruz was trying to spread conspiracies on the same day that it was reported that agents in an FBI field office tried to shut down the criminal investigation into Trump.

Ted Cruz’s attacks on Garland embody why so many congressional hearings become performative theater.

Cruz isn’t interested in conducting congressional oversight. For him, the hearing is a big cry for attention.

Ted Cruz humiliated himself with how he treated AG Garland, but he will likely get what he wants and be on Fox News tonight.