You Can See MAGA Dying As Kimberly Guilfoyle Addresses Nearly Empty CPAC Ballroom

Former Trump campaign adviser and Donald Trump Jr. fiancee Kimberly Guilfoyle addressed CPAC on Friday to a tiny and apparently less than enthused audience.


As Guilfoyle said, “All of us in this room have one message to Joe Biden. It is time to put America first.”

The camera then cut to the audience, which was a sea of empty seats and a few people offering tepid applause.

MAGA is now a fringe extremist movement. The most frequent comments about CPAC 2023 have been that it is being attended by Trump supporters and the speeches draw small crowds.

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Polling shows that Trump has enough of a lock on the Republican primary electorate to be the frontrunner for the party’s 2024 nomination. Still, the lack of a crowd and the lack of energy at CPAC suggests that MAGA is running on fumes.

Ron DeSantis isn’t the answer that some Republicans are hoping for because he isn’t offering a different vision or direction for the GOP. DeSantis is trying to out-MAGA Trump.

The Republican Party seems worn out, tired, and ready to run the same failed ideas and strategies that haven’t worked in almost eight years.

Republicans increasingly resemble a zombie party. Externally they look alive, but they are dead inside. Even at a conference filled to the gills with his supporters, the excitement is clearly missing, as it seems like MAGA is dying.