Jim Jordan Is Going To Try To Stop A Trump Indictment By Defunding DOJ

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) admitted that the goal of his select subcommittee is to defund the Department of justice.



Jordan said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures, “We’re going to look to propose legislation then, in the end, the real power of Congress. The real power of the legislative branch is the power of the purse. We’re going to have to use that. Both on this issue where we think the government has been targeting the people it’s supposed to serve. Also, frankly on the border. I think we are going to use the appropriations process to deal with the border.”

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Remember, all of this talk about other issues is a cover story, Jim Jordan has admitted that the real purpose of his committee is to get Trump back into the White House in 2024.

Jordan’s whistleblowers have been exposed as not whistleblowers at all but paid Trump political actors and 1/6 terrorist sympathizers.

House Republicans are making it clear that they are going to attempt to defund the DOJ to put pressure on them not to criminally indict Trump.

The supposed party of law enforcement and combatting crime is signaling that they want to weaken federal law enforcement to help Donald Trump in 2024.