Trump is getting desperate to fend off an indictment.

Trump Has Never Sounded More Scared And Desperate

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 02:03 pm

Trump appears to know that an indictment is coming so he is taking the fear to a new level by telling his supporters that they are all doomed if he goes down.


Trump said, “For the first time in our history World War III is looming in the very dark and murky background. Lack of leadership is solely responsible for this unprecedented danger to our beautiful USA likewise to the world itself. Hopeless, Joe Biden is leading us into oblivion. We can not let it happen. We have to take back the White House, or our country is doomed.”

Every cult leader turns up the apocalyptic language before their great fall. Trump is trying really hard to convince his fans that if he goes down, they are going down with him.

One can almost sense the desperation and fear in his words. An indictment is coming. Just like after he lost the election, Trump is increasingly cornered and the only card that he has left to play is to incite his supporters to violence. The only for Trump to avoid criminal jeopardy is to return to the White House.

Trump is running out of options. His fear appears to be growing, and there is little he can do to stop what might be an inevitable indictment.

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