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Here Are Some Crimes That Trump Could Potentially Be Charged With

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner took a guess at some of the crimes Trump might be charged with if he is indicted in Manhattan.


Kirschner said on MSNBC’s The Katie Phang Show:

It is a bit of a fool’s errand to predict with the grand jury might have decided to indict Donald Trump for, but let’s be a little foolish this morning and take a crack at it we have heard a lot about the charge of falsifying business records now, that is a misdemeanor crime in New York. Unless you are falsifying those business records in further — furtherance of other crimes, to facilitate them, or to cover up other crimes I would be really surprised if what we see next week, assuming he is indicted and the indictment is unsealed, I would be really surprised if all we saw was a misdemeanor falsifying business record charge.

I suspect we are going to see probably three, four, five perhaps more charges that could look like campaign finance violations, violations of New York state law they could look like tax crimes because reportedly, Donald Trump went on to take the hush money reimbursement payments as business expenses, which, of course, is tax fraud I think we are in a guessing game posture right now but suspect we will see a handful of charges next week.

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For those who are asking what the crime is in Trump giving a check to Stormy Daniels, the answer is that such a question is incorrect.

Trump didn’t give a check to Stormy Daniels. He had his then-lawyer Michael Cohen give a check to Daniels and then lied about the purpose of the check by calling it a fee for legal services and then deducting the money to Daniels through Cohen on his taxes.

Donald Trump committed fraud to avoid campaign finance laws and to prevent the public from finding out about his affair with Stormy Daniels before the election.

The payment was an illegal contribution to his campaign that he laundered through Cohen, which is very illegal.

Only the members of the grand jury and DA Alvin Bragg know for sure if Trump will be indicted or what he will be charged with, but as Kirschner pointed out, there are some serious crimes that could be charged that if convicted would make the former president a felon.

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