Kevin McCarthy Melts Down And Attacks Manhattan DA

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy attacked Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg with lies and conspiracy theories as Trump’s indictment looms.

McCarthy tweeted:

House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries has said that he has no idea what committee McCarthy is talking about since the House doesn’t have jurisdiction over local district attorneys.

Jeffries speculated that McCarthy could be referring to Jim Jordan’s weaponization of government subcommittee:

Kevin McCarthy is showing his complete weakness. McCarthy is trying to threaten DA Bragg into not indicting Trump.

Speaker McCarthy sold himself out completely to Trump and now that his political daddy is about to be criminally charged, he is melting down. The Speaker of the House doesn’t have the sort of power that McCarthy is trying to project.

All Kevin McCarthy can do is rant on Twitter and in the House about Trump’s potential indictment. Sure, he can get Jim Jordan to hold a hearing, and they can even ask DA Bragg to testify, but there is nothing that McCarthy and his Republicans can do to protect Trump.

The indictment is coming, and it could send everything that Speaker McCarthy sold himself out for up in smoke.