Trump Supporters Are Refusing To Protest Indictment

Trump influencers are trying to organize a rally to oppose his indictment, but the former president’s supporters are afraid of getting arrested.

Ben Collins of NBC News tweeted:

After Trump incited thousands of them to attack the Capitol and then went home and watched TV, many of his supporters don’t want to risk arrest by showing up to protest for him.

Trump has made it clear that he does not want his supporters to stage a calm and peaceful protest. He wants fear and carnage, and Trump is looking for a display of strength that will scare prosecutors and law enforcement.

The Trumps are growing increasingly frustrated that there are not mass protests in the streets already.

Donald Trump Jr. has been on a tirade on Twitter:

The 1/6 arrests and prosecutions did have an impact. It seems that many Trump supporters got the message that they can’t run wild and do whatever they please.

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The other message that appears to have gotten through to them is that if they get arrested for Trump, he will not have their backs.

Donald Trump isn’t going to get his way. It looks less and less likely that there will be violence in the streets.

The weaponization of government conspiracy and calls to action aren’t working.

Trump’s supporters are sending him a clear message that he isn’t worth getting arrested for, and they would rather sit on their couch and watch Tucker Carlson than go to jail.