As Trump Awaits Criminal Charges, Biden Hangs Out With Bruce Springsteen

As Donald Trump awaits criminal charges in Manhattan, President Joe Biden is spending his day hanging out with Bruce Springsteen and awarding The Boss the National Medal of Arts.

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As Donald Trump was posting this:

Reports, and almost everybody, says, even after in-depth legal study and review, that there was NO CRIME, NO AFFAIR, NO BOOKKEEPING ERROR OR MISDEMEANOR, NO “NOTHING,” OTHER THAN NOW PROVEN LIES BY MICHAEL COHEN, A CONVICTED FELON AND PERJURER, AND THE STRONG LIKELIHOOD OF AN EXTORTION PLOT AGAINST ME. So, after getting CRUSHED yesterday by Cohen’s highly respected attorney, with the case against me FULLY DISPROVEN, why is the D.A. searching for yet another “witness?” TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME!

President Joe Biden was doing this:

Republicans need to keep telling themselves that a criminal indictment is good for Trump and his chances in 2024.

President Biden is hanging out with legends at the White House, while Trump is holed up in his golf course bunker ranting about the grand jury testimony of his former lawyer as he awaits potentially felony charges that could come as soon as tomorrow.

Republicans don’t want to face the reality that the Trump indictment is a nightmare for them. Donald Trump is going from unelectable to untouchable, and Ron DeSantis is busy eating pudding with his fingers and struggling to interact with humans.

Biden is living his best life, while Donald Trump is hoping not to be convicted of a felony.