Jimmy Kimmel Trashes Trump As The Dumbest Criminal In The World

Jimmy Kimmel pointed out that every single one of Trump’s legal problems is because he is the dumbest criminal in the world.


Kimmel said:

Truth is there is no reason for Trump to be in any of this trouble if Casanobrain had just paid Stormy Daniels the 130,000 himself out of his Pizza Hut money or whatever he wouldn’t be in this situation he wouldn’t have an issue in New York so many of his legal problems are based on him being an idiot. 

if President Karen hadn’t picked up the phone or called around Georgia asking to speak to its manager to find eleven thousand votes he wouldn’t have an issue in Georgia if he just tweeted the words calm down go home four hours earlier like everyone including his daughters told him to he wouldn’t have an issue on January 6th, and if the Great White Hope Chest hadn’t boxed up his love letters from the Saudis and Kim Jong-un then squirreled them out of the White House and into the rec room at Golf-a-Lago he wouldn’t have an issue with the FBI.

In every case, the reason he’s in trouble is because he is the dumbest criminal in the world he’s Al Capbonehead is what he is.

Jimmy Kimmel nailed it. If Trump was smart, he would not have any of these legal issues. Trump’s problem is that he thinks of everything in terms of crime, and he is a lousy criminal.

The fact that Trump makes such bad decisions is why it is mindboggling that Republicans continue to trust him to lead their party.  Republicans have lost every election year since 2016.

Trump is going to be indicted, but his bad decision-making is going to continue to run the Republican Party into the ground.