Trump Has A Meltdown And Basically Confirms Jack Smith Has Evidence Of His Crimes

Trump responded to reports that Special Counsel Jack Smith has evidence that he committed crimes by confirming the information.

ABC News reported that a federal judge found that Smith had presented compelling evidence that Trump committed crimes and intentionally lied to his lawyers about being in possession of classified documents. The Special Counsel was able to provide evidence that Trump committed crimes.

Trump’s campaign responded by blasting ABC for reporting the leak:

Trump complained about ABC reporting on the leak then ranted about Russia, and closed by saying that there was nothing to the case against him.

The American people have seen this statement before. The first thing that Donald Trump does when a story is true is call it fake, and then he doubles back to the original Trump/Russia scandal and closes by repeating that the story is fake while he attacks the outlet that reported it.

Donald Trump essentially confirmed the story by attacking the source of the information.  If the story was not true, Trump could say that the story was false or say nothing at all.

The first page of Trump’s playbook is to attack the credibility of the report, but every time that he engages in this behavior he confirms the accuracy of the reporting.