Eric Swalwell Rips Republicans For Targeting Gun Safety Activists While Trying To Free 1/6 Terrorists

At a House Oversight Committee hearing, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) called out Republicans for arresting gun safety activists while attempting to free 1/6 terrorists.


After Republicans had gun safety activists removed from the hearing, Rep. Swalwell said:

I want to thank the activists who have stayed in this fight for reasonable gun safety and thank you for showing up today. I am also sorry that you were targeted earlier. The same people that want to have you arrested and put in jail want to go to the DC jail this week to take the January 6th terrorists out. If you can believe that or not.

Probably shouldn’t be surprised that this hearing has deviated to include Hunter Biden’s laptop, and for such as serious issue like this, I would encourage my colleagues to go through Hunter Biden’s laptop on their own time. Whatever they want to see in there, they should do on their own time, and not when we have such an important topic like gun safety.

Republicans want to arrest and jail people who are trying to save lives by demanding common sense gun protection legislation, while at the same time, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is trying to get the Oversight Committee to go to the DC jail to lobby for the release of domestic terrorists who attacked the Capitol on January 6th.

In the Republican mind, the dangerous threat isn’t coming from the people who killed police officers while attempting to stage a coup to keep Trump in power. The real threat is from people who don’t want kids to die at school or families to be gunned down at the grocery store, movie theater, or church.

Making it more difficult for would-be mass shooters to get automatic weapons is not a threat to America.

Republicans are siding with the terrorists and enabling mass shooters nationwide.