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Marjorie Taylor Greene Flipped Out And Called The Cops On A Guy With A Whistle

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to hold a press conference after meeting with insurrectionists at the DC jail, but she was interrupted by a man with a whistle, so she tried to have him arrested.

Greene tweeted:

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Greene claimed that she was ‘assaulted’ by a man blowing a whistle as she tried to hold a press conference to whitewash the 1/6 attack on the Capitol in a public place.

If Rep. Greene does not want to have her propaganda sessions interrupted, she should hold them in her office at the Capitol. Blowing a whistle is not an arrest-worthy offense. Assaulting police officers and breaking into the Capitol as part of a plot to overthrow the government is worthy of arrest.

However, Greene reportedly had nothing but praise for the insurrectionists who Republicans were described as treating like celebrities. 

Republicans are so thin-skinned that they now call the police if anyone blows a whistle in public while they are attempting to spread democracy-damaging lies and misinformation.

Conservatives like to claim that the left are snowflakes, but is there any bigger snowflake outside of Mar-a-Lago than Marjorie Taylor Greene?

The person blowing the whistle did a service for the country by not giving dangerous lies unchallenged space.

America is not going to stand by quietly as people like Marjorie Taylor Greene attempt to destroy democracy.

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