Jen Psaki calls Jim Jordan incompetent.

Jen Psaki Torches Jim Jordan And House GOP As Incompetent

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:36 pm

Jen Psaki explained that she is not worried about the antics of House Republicans because they lack legal authority and are incompetent investigators.

Video of Psaki:

Psaki said:

I’m not freaking out about what Kevin McCarthy or Jim Jordan are up to because I’m not sure they really thought all of this through. For one, these Republicans have gone out on a limb. To start with, there — they don’t even know what charges he might face. From a legal perspective, experts point out that Jim Jordan and his colleagues are overestimating their power.

In addition to Jim Jordan’s precarious legal argument if I’m being generous. He doesn’t exactly have the best track record lately of delivering on promises to begin with. Take for example the absurdly named subcommittee on the weaponization of the federal government. That’s literally the name. Which was launched just after Republicans took control of the House.

For Jordan, this all was a dream opportunity to finally reveal all of the deep state corruption at the FBI, the Department of Justice. All that corruption he’s been trying to Nancy Drew for years. And so he was talking a pretty big game about what he had up his sleeve.

But of the dozens and dozens of supposed whistleblowers, he repeatedly promised, he was only able to produce three. Three total. It turned out they weren’t really whistleblowers at all. In fact, they weren’t even credible witnesses.

Again, when it comes to these attacks on Alvin Bragg, House Republicans are not only in pretty shaky illegal ground they also haven’t — shown themselves to be the most competent of investigators. There is no Sherlock homes in the group here that we can see.

For now, I wouldn’t freak out about what they’re up to. So far, it doesn’t like to have the legal ground or the competency to actually deliver.

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The norm with House Republicans has become that everything is done for political benefit. It doesn’t matter that they don’t have the power to investigate Alvin Bragg. They don’t care that what they are trying to do is illegal because House Republicans like Jim Jordan are so incompetent at leading investigations that they end up engaging in showmanship that is designed to court conservative media and Donald Trump.

Jordan has demonstrated his incompetence repeatedly. It is obvious that he came into the House majority with no real plan on how to conduct these investigations.

House Republicans can’t stop Alvin Bragg or any other local prosecutor from investigating or indicting Trump. The GOP’s heavy-handed efforts are only showcasing their ineptitude.

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