Trump avoids questions about criminal investigations.

Reporters Asked Trump About The Criminal Investigations And It Did Not Go Well

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 02:03 pm

Trump held a brief gaggle with actual news reporters on his plane, and when they asked specific questions about the criminal investigations into him, it did not go well.


NBC’s  Vaughn Hillyard was one of the reporters on Trump’s plane, and he reported, “I was actually on the plane here from Florida to Waco, Texas. And then I came back with Donald Trump in his campaign, I had the chance, in a short gaggle with him on that plane yesterday, to ask him some very specific questions about the related case. Including the Michael Cohen hush money payment to Stormy Daniels, and Donald Trump bristles at getting into any specifics and instead called us fake news. That we were not telling the truth. And this is a difficulty with Donald Trump is that his version of events lack nuance, instead, it is purely an effort to suggest the pure investigation as a whole is going to attempt to undermine his political movement, the Maga movement, which is really a nonstarter to even begin to engage in any substance about the underlying facts of the case into him.”

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Trump hardly ever takes questions from legitimate journalists. He has limited himself to sitting down with right-wing media or feeding information to corporate media friendlies like Maggie Haberman of The New York Times.

When Trump did try to face reporters with specific questions about the criminal investigations, he responded by calling them fake news and refused to talk about any specifics.

Trump’s defense is that the criminal investigation by multiple levels of prosecutors are all part of a vast conspiracy against him. 

Donald Trump got his clock cleaned by President Biden in 2020, so the idea that Democrats need to conspire to stop him in 2024 is another self-created Trump myth.

The fact that the former president won’t answer legitimate questions about his legal problems is a signal that Republicans will be heading for disaster if he is their presidential nominee.

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