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Fox News Totally Trashes Trump After Hannity Interview

Fox News is trying to negate any airtime that Trump gets by criticizing his appearances, like his recent interview with Sean Hannity.

Fox News’s Jason Chaffetz reacted to Trump’s sit down with Hannity on Monday night:

Chaffetz said, “I voted for Donald Trump twice. I have defended him countless times. I thought he was horrific. I think that was the worst interview I’ve ever seen the president do. He was whining. He was complaining. He played the victim card time and time again, and then after that, he complained that somebody he endorsed was now running against him. I thought he was absolutely horrific.”

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Let’s look at a clip of Trump’s interview with Hannity:

Here is another clip:

This is the exact same interview that Trump has been giving to Fox News and every other conservative media outlet for a minimum of the last eight years. There is nothing different in this Trump interview than he has said on Fox News hundreds of times before. The scandals have changed. The names have changed, but it was the same Trump.

Fox News is trashing Trump because the Murdochs are all in on Ron DeSantis. When Trump loyalists like Sean Hannity give the former president a platform, pushback from other Fox shows should be expected. Fox is trying to derail Trump, but the more they rally behind DeSantis, the more Trump’s support grows.

It is looking like Fox isn’t directing their viewers, and their viewers are ignoring the network’s attempts to push DeSantis.

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