Kevin McCarthy Runs Away From Reporters When Asked About Nashville Shooting

Speaker Kevin McCarthy has refused to answer questions about the Nashville shooting and when reporters tried to ask him anything about guns, he ran away.

Video from CNN’s Manu Raju:

McCarthy was asked at least two questions about Nashville in the video above, including, “should there be any gun restrictions at all?” He responded by not even looking at the reporters and walking away. Speaker McCarthy gave the weakest imaginable response to the question.

Republicans like McCarthy appear to lack the courage to state their belief that sacrificing the lives of young children is acceptable in defense of an unlimited Second Amendment.

If Republicans feel otherwise, they are free to say so. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be cautious about any new laws, but the apparent unwillingness of Republicans to engage in the conversation makes finding any legislative solution impossible.

Not talking about an issue is a strategy of its own.

Republicans like Speaker McCarthy know that the majority disagrees with their position on gun safety, but instead of attempting to defend their views and persuade the public, they have decided to shut off conversation.

Leadership means sometimes saying unpopular things or being willing to reassess positions.

For all of the people in America who want the killing to stop, Kevin McCarthy’s answer was to walk away.