Ron DeSantis Just May Have Gotten Trump Denied Bail

Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that Florida will not assist in any extradition of Trump, which sounds like a good reason to deny Trump bail.

DeSantis tweeted:

It is a good thing Florida has no problems with anti-semitism so there is no way that they will interpret DeSantis’s Soros-backed claims as an anti-Semitic attack.

Since everything Ron DeSantis does is calculated for his presidential campaign, not only was he apparently trying to suck up to Trump’s supporters, but he could also possibly be making sure that Trump does not get released on bail.

Donald Trump is a Florida resident, so if the governor of the state announces that he is not going to assist in a potential extradition of Trump, then Trump becomes a flight risk who should be detained to ensure that he shows up for his trial.

Will Trump be denied bail? It is extremely unlikely, but DeSantis could be trying to get Trump locked up while giving the appearance of supporting him, which be the DeSantis thing that Ron DeSantis could do.