Lindsey Graham Looks Like He’s Been Crying Over Trump’s Indictment

Sen. Lindsey Graham showed up on Fox News with red eyes and sounded like he had been crying while discussing the indictment of Donald Trump.

Clip of Graham:

A second clip where Graham begs people to give Trump money:

Graham said, “You need to help this man, Donald J. Trump. They’re trying to drain him dry. He spent more money on lawyers than most people spend on campaigns. They’re trying to bleed him dry., go tonight.”

Sean Hannity asked Graham how this ends, and he answered, “We’re not going to give in. How does this end, Sean? Trump wins in court and he wins the election. That’s how this ends. They’re trying to destroy Donald Trump because they fear him at the ballot box.”

Democrats are not bleeding Donald Trump dry. Trump’s constant cloud of criminality, which makes it necessary for him to have a lot of criminal defense lawyers, is bleeding him dry.

Lindsey Graham looked like he had been crying for hours when he appeared on Hannity. Republicans will try to turn this prosecution into a partisan issue but don’t expect Democrats to take the bait.

When Trump was an incumbent president, Democrats blew him out in 2020. They are not afraid to face Donald Trump again in 2024. Trump is the gift that keeps on giving to Democrats in each election cycle. It may comfort Lindsey Graham to blame Democrats, but the truth is that the only person to blame is Donald Trump.

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