Trump’s Former Lawyer Tells Him Not To Surrender To Police

Trump is being told by his former lawyer Jenna Ellis that he is at war and he should not surrender to the police.

Ellis tweeted:

Ellis said that Trump should take DeSantis up on his offer not to assist in any extradition and refuse to surrender to the cops because Republicans are at war and they must unify the party.

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There is no evidence that DeSantis is trying to help Trump. He could be trying to get his rival for the 2024 Republican nomination locked up in jail because it is difficult to run for president from behind bars.

Trump’s indictment has brought to the surface how lawless Republicans have become. Sen. Lindsey Graham advised Trump to go punch cops, and now Ellis is telling Trump to refuse to surrender and provoke a standoff with law enforcement.

It is almost as if the people around Trump are trying to get him locked up because it would be good for the MAGA brand.

Trump has raised some money off of the indictment, but that is what grifters do. The issue for Trump is that there has not been a vigorous public defense mounted by his supporters.

MAGA has never looked weaker, and Jenna Ellis is demonstrating why she is a former Trump lawyer.