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Maria Bartiromo Complains That Other Criminals Get Put Back On The Streets, But Not Trump

Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo complained that other criminals are being put back on the streets through bail reform, but not Trump.


Bartiromo was attacking George Soros when she said, “These DAs are using bail reform to put criminals back on the streets, except if your Donald Trump.

Former Trump official David Ratcliffe responded, “These are not DAs. They are imposter DAs. These are political plants.”

Bartiromo and Ratcliffe falsely claimed that Alvin Bragg is a ‘Soros DA.’ Soros supports reforming the justice system, which was a concept that Republicans like Bartiromo and Ratcliffe supported when Trump was president, but now that Trump is the alleged perp, bail reform and criminal justice reform are part of an evil conspiracy to get Donald Trump, even though Trump has helped Democrats overperform or win in every election since 2017.

The conspiracy theory that the indictment of Trump is political makes no sense because Donald Trump doesn’t need any help to lose elections.

The comments by Bartiromo and Ratcliffe were intended to suggest that Trump is being treated unfairly, but they unintentionally admitted that Donald Trump is a criminal.

When the defense is that Trump is a criminal but is being treated differently from other criminals, things are not going well.

Trump has failed to get mass protests in the streets, and even some of his top Fox News propagandists fail to make compelling arguments.

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