Rachel Maddow talks about the lack of Trump protests

Rachel Maddow Highlights Trump’s Humiliating Lack Of Protesters

Rachel Maddow showcases the humiliation of Trump demanding protests and no one showing up.


Maddow said:

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I mean, it’s one thing for people to not come out and protest in your defense. But when you specifically ask them to, when you in fact command them to, and they don’t, what does that say about you? Trump last year said, if any prosecutor indicted him, the United States would have, quote, the biggest protest we have ever had. He said in Washington, D.C., in New York, in Atlanta and elsewhere. We are going to have in this country the biggest protest we have ever had. He said that would be the result in any jurisdictions in September he said it again.

He was asked if he would be indicted he said in response, I think it could happen I think you would have problems in this country the likes of which perhaps we’ve never seen before I don’t think the people of the United States would stand for it now we know, the people of the United States are standing for it, it turns out and we’ll see what tomorrow is like we will see whether there is a massive millions of people filling the streets protest in Manhattan tomorrow maybe there will be. Who knows?

He asked people to protest, protest, protest, in response to the news of his indictment so far his requests, his demands that people turn to the streets in record numbers on his behalf. Number we’ve never seen before protests like we’ve never seen before in America. So far, his people are not doing what he told them to do and what he confidently said they would do but who knows? Who knows? We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Rachel Maddow was right. What does it say about Trump when he asked his supporters to show up and they didn’t? Trump has been promising that violence will be done on his behalf if he is indicted.

Now that he has been indicted, Trump has tried to get those people out in the streets and they haven’t shown up.

Trump’s ability to incite violence on his behalf has been debunked.

Donald Trump demanded protests and has been given nothing.


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