Trump Is Grifting Off His Own Arrest By Selling Fake Mugshot Merch

Donald Trump had no mugshot taken when he was arrested, so his presidential campaign created a fake one and is selling it to his supporters.

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The fake mugshot email:

Trump also has fake mugshot t-shirts:

Everything is always a con. Trump is playing his supporters, while at the same time using his arrest and arraignment to bury his Republican presidential primary competition. For a segment of Trump’s base being arrested gives him and his conspiracy theories more street cred with them.

Once again, the mugshot is fake.

I don’t think that embrace of criminality benefits Trump in the way that Republicans hope it will. Lawlessness plays well with the far right. These are the folks who attacked the Capitol and tried to overthrow the government.

One of the unintended consequences of Trump’s grift is that his cons line his own pockets at the expense of Republican candidates and campaigns who in close elections in swing districts and states. Trump has a way of draining the Republican donor coffers and depriving other candidates of needed dollars.

Trump’s cons only help one person, and that is Donald J. Trump. The former president draining the Republican Party dry as his political career circles the drain.

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