Jim Jordan says Trump should not be impeached again

Jim Jordan Makes His First Big Mistake In His Investigation Of Alvin Bragg

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) started his investigation of Alvin Bragg by subpoenaing Mark Pomerantz, which could be a big mistake.

Here is the statement from House Judiciary Republicans on the subpoena:

Jordan’s justification for the subpoena is that he is investigating potential legislative reforms:

Legislative reforms to what?

Jim Jordan and the House have no jurisdiction over local DAs. It is unclear what Jordan is looking to reform legislation.

Callin Pomerantz to testify could be a massive mistake. Jim Jordan should not be seeking to give Mark Pomerantz a spotlight to shine on the potential Trump felonies that he uncovered during his investigation.

Pomerantz could easily fight Jordan’s subpoena by citing the ongoing court case in Manhattan against Trump, and since the House has no jurisdiction or power over local DAs, a successful court challenge could undermine Jim Jordan’s entire weaponization of government subcommittee.

The letter and subpoena have got right-wing media in a tizzy, but Jordan’s stunt was intended for the audience of one at Mar-a-Lago.

Jordan better hope that Pomerantz doesn’t show up to testify because if he does, this whole stunt could blow up in the faces of Jim Jordan and Donald Trump.

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